"TEEM",as a well-know brand in the field of bathroom,in the past 10 years,our products has made us the standard image of high class and elegant taste. "TEEM"means the quality you never doubt.The true meaning of the quality in the brand of "TEEM":the

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Bathroom cabinet - New Classical Series

The high product quality,the 10 years of experience and the collaboration with high-profile international designers not only insure lasting beauty but also lasting beauty but also timelessly modern forms without an expiration date.

Bathroom cabinet - Modern series

A simple design with integrated structure inside and beautiful texture outside, to create a life of leisure in the name of "leisure",we provide not only comfortable and cozy life experience,but also artistic feelings.

Sanitary stainless steel products

Sanitary stainless steel products Sanitary stainless steel products

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TEEM FURNITURE CO.,LTD is a high quality modern and new classic furniture manufacturer, who are specialized in producing integrated home furniture, such as living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture and reading room furniture for your ideal home and life. TEEM FURNITURE has gained good brand recognition since 1996, and has a standard production technical system, modernization manufacturing process, qualified and professional working team.